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Fastest airport wi-fi ever

This has to be the fastest (free) airport wi-fi in history, doesn’t it? I was at Sea-Tac earlier today and couldn’t believe how fast the connection was. Turns out it’s almost 2x as fast as our home download speed, and about 30x as fast as our home upload speeds. Incredible.

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Hey Disqus, 627 Comments in 1 Day is Probably Spam

Here’s one of the commenters that I banned today while moderating the comments on Search Engine Land and Marketing Land: If someone’s writing 627 comments in a single day — their first day! — that’s probably a spammer. It’s not 627 comments on SEL and ML, but across this person’s Disqus account. This has been […]

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Pheed Sharing Settings: How Not to Set Defaults

An odd tweet showed up on my account tonight. It was a message saying that I had posted something on Pheed, a similar sharing/social network. And that did happen — I setup a new account on Pheed and did a test post to see what it looks like. But the automatic cross-post on Twitter was […]

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