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Sparky, the Crazy Puppy

I just remembered a week or two ago that I have a personal account on YouTube (in addition to the @U2 account and several other blog-related accounts). Since I recently bought the latest and greatest version of Apple’s iLife software, and since we recently got a puppy, I combined those two into my very first […]

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We Got the Dog

Hi. Originally uploaded by Matt McGee Meet Sparky. Sparky might have a new name soon, because some family members apparently aren’t sold on that moniker. We chose it because we brought Sparky home on the 4th of July, and things like “firework” and “M-80” don’t sound right, and “firecracker” takes too long to say. I […]

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A New Family Member?

Strange how things sometimes work out. For months, I’ve been pushing and pushing to get a dog. But Cari (my wife) wasn’t on the same page — she certainly didn’t want a dog, and didn’t want any pet, for that matter. Plus, I couldn’t get my son to agree to be in charge of cleaning […]

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