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The Legend of Richard Sherman Grows

I was on the phone with my mom today when she mentioned how cold it is in the Philly area. I said I was watching NFL Network as the teams arrived in Jersey for the Super Bowl and that it was cold and snowy there. The rest of the conversation went like this (she’s 80 […]

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Seahawks: We’re No. 1?

An ESPN pre-draft power ranking means absolutely nothing, but it blows my mind to think how quickly things have changed for this Seahawks fan. A little more than six months ago, I was in Arizona to watch the Seahawks’ season opener with my friend Mat. The game was ugly. The Seahawks couldn’t protect the QB, […]

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This Makes Me SOOOO Proud to be a Seahawks Fan

EA Sports is doing a March Madness-style tournament to decide who gets on the cover of Madden 12 this year. Each team has one nominee. Guys like Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, and Larry Fitzgerald are representing their teams. Know who’s representing the Seahawks? Me! And all the 12s everywhere! Yep … the Seahawks nominee is […]

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