2021 General Election Voting Record

October 17, 2021

It’s kind of a weird election year this is in our area. All of the positions up for grabs are non-partisan — things like city council, school board, fire commissioners, etc. And I don’t know whether it’s Covid or not, but something seems to have brought out what I would consider a few less-than-ideal candidates. (Easy for me to throw stones when I’m not running for election, yes, I get it.)

The whole idea when I started posting stuff like this many, many years ago was to be transparent and track whether my moderate tendencies were leaning right or left each year. SO…with nothing but a bunch of non-partisan spots, I thought about not even bothering with this roundup post.

Then I thought, at least track how you voted when it comes to male vs. candidates. So here it is:

  • Overall, voted for 3 female candidates and 8 males.
  • Most of the races were male vs. male, but in the three where it was male vs. female, I voted for the guy twice and the female once.

And that’s really about it for this general election. My main thought as I put the seal on my mail-in ballot is just that I wish the choices were better. And wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. 🙂

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