A Favorite SEL Flipbox Image

August 12, 2011

Little known fact: Those big “featured story” images that you see when you visit SearchEngineLand.com? I do those. Yep. Me.

We call that space the “flipbox.” If I’m really busy, or traveling, or on vacation, then someone else (usually Michelle R.) steps in and takes over for me. But it’s my job to choose which stories go in the flipbox and find/create the right image for them.

A couple nights ago, after I wrote the article about ROR accidentally removing itself from Google’s index, I started looking for images of an explosion, of dynamite, fireworks or something violent like that. But images like that tend to connote purpose — people place dynamite on purpose to create an explosion.

So I went looking for images that implied mistake/accident and pretty quickly found the perfect image, especially considering that some ROR employee manually submitted a removal request via Google Webmaster Tools. I didn’t have to touch/change this image at all. It was perfect, and is one of my favorite all-time flipbox images:


Love it! Especially with the arrow pointing right to the headline — too perfect.

Maybe one of these days I’ll do a blog post showing all of my favorite flipbox images. For now, hope you liked this one as much as me.

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