Accountability: Highly Underrated

December 27, 2012

fitbit-logoA couple years ago, I got in shape and lost 26 pounds in about 2.5 months.

I’ve since put back on about 15 of those pounds.

So, a month or so ago, I decided that I’d go back on the same plan after the new year. (Trying to lose weight in December is pointless. It’s a crazy month here with holidays, both kids’ birthdays, etc.)

Part of that plan was to get a Fitbit to track my daily activity … or lack thereof. It had been recommended to me by friends like Todd and others. Plus, I have this unusual love of tracking things. Like, how many times I filled my car with gas in 2011. And another thing I’ve been tracking all of 2012 that I’ll post about soon.


I got a Fitbit Zip for Christmas and just set it up tonight. Easy-peasy. I connected it to the Lose It app, which I used in 2010 to track my food and exercise. (Like I said, I have a thing for tracking stuff.) I updated my current weight, set my weight goal, and did all the stuff to be ready to start the weight loss effort.

One of the things Fitbit asks is for you to tell it how much water you’ve drank each day. Even though it’s 9:30 pm, just seeing that made me grab my water bottle and guzzle as much as I could.

Subconsciously, I’m already wanting to eat and drink healthier because my activity is being tracked. I’ll get hungry late tonight like I always do, but I’m telling myself I won’t eat anything. Because if I do, I have to tell Fitbit and Lose It.

Accountability is a strong motivator. And highly underrated.

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  • Reply Dwight Z December 28, 2012 at 10:12 am

    I have been using it for almost a year and recently added the Aria scale to the program. Measures BMI and weight all wireless. The other item (that I am most happy with) is the treadmill desk. With that added in the daily routine hitting my daily 15,000 steps and more is working, slowly but in a positive direction. Fitbit does take some real dedication however if you stick with it you are very surprised on your actual activity, calorie intake vs. burn and activity. Not to mention water – we never get enough water. Congratulations and keep it up!

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