All is Right with the World

I know the economy is in trouble (“tanking” seems to be a common description) … and the election has people on edge … things seem to be spinning out of control (they’re really not) … and everyone’s nervous about the general state of the world.

No worries. All is right with the world. My fantasy football team, the Instant Breakfast, is back in 1st place.


Rest assured, this is the normal way of events. I’m the two-time defending champ in this fantasy football league, which is made up of my fellow marketing peers. Yep. I’m feeling good. No spinning out of control here. No nerves. Not on edge. Just the usual — including a four-game winning streak after losing in Week One.

I’m just doing my part to live up to the sign that hangs on my office wall……

fantasy football legend

3 thoughts on “All is Right with the World

  1. I am in first as well… this is probably going to be my toughest week. A couple key injuries and I don’t want to dump two for others to pick them up. So I have to hope I get through this week relatively unscathed!

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