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June 14, 2008

What a crazy week. I was planning to get A, B, and C done … when, all of a sudden, I get a bunch of emails from my U2 – A Dairy editor over in London. He’s sending me proofs of the book — like, the actual book in PDF. Only it’s not finished until we go through it to find typos, caption all the photos, and make sure the photos are in the right place. So A, B, and C have been relegated to the back burner, where they still are, until I finish proofing the proofs. Gotta finish that by tomorrow night so he has them Monday morning, UK time. Fun!

My blog post recap will start with U2 – A Diary. Click the first link if you want to see what the insides will look like. 🙂

U2 – A Diary

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That airplane thing in the link above happens on Monday, and I’m seriously tempted to take the kids over to see these old, World War II bombers and fighters. Heck, if it didn’t cost $400+ dollars, I’d go up for a half-hour ride in one of them!

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