Apple Customer Service FTW

August 25, 2008

Apple logoI have a pretty big credit on my account with the iTunes Music Store. Cari’s been wanting to buy music lately, so I suggested she tell me the songs she wants, and I’ll use my credit to “gift” the songs to her. That’s where I buy the song, but she gets to download it.

We did that last week, but a couple days later I noticed a charge from Apple on my debit card. So, after searching the online help and not finding an answer that satisfied me, I sent this email to customer service:

I have a credit of nearly $40 in my iTunes store account. On August 19, I gifted a song to my wife (order #__________). I believe the $1.07 was deducted from my credit balance AND also billed to my credit card. Can you explain why this happened, and can you please fix it?

I’d like all gifted music to be billed against my store credit.


Matt McGee

The next day, John replied back to tell me that the gifted song was only charged to my credit card, not to both the card and my store credit. He also explained that gifted songs can’t be bought against existing store credit, only against the credit card on file. Then he said this:

Matt, as a small way to show Apple appreciation for your doing business with us, I have issued five song credits to your iTunes Store account. You can use these to buy the individual songs of your choice from the iTunes Store.

How sweet is that? Ask a simple question, get a simple answer … and five free songs. Nice job, Apple.

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