Blog Comment Spam: Not Quality, but Quantity

July 18, 2012

Sometimes blog comment spam isn’t about the quality of the comment, but about the quantity of comments.

Earlier today, Kelsey managed to leave 10 comments on my small business search marketing blog in the span of nine minutes.


(You can click for the full-size image.)

I’m a big believer in brevity, and I try to publish short blog posts that don’t waste people’s time, but there’s no way Kelsey read those 10 articles in just nine minutes.

The comments themselves aren’t fabulous, but if there were just one or two of them, I would probably have approved them. But at this quantity? No chance. They were all zapped.

Good luck with that blog commenting strategy, Kelsey. Shame that s/he didn’t read this post: Case Study: Power of a Blog Comment.

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