February 20, 2005

Let the record show that today, February 20, 2005, was T’s first time bowling. And she loved it!

I would place the ball right at the edge of the lane for her, and she’d give it a little push, which I would quickly push harder so it would reach the pins. It was the cutest thing — she would squat down and watch it go, and if she knocked one over, she’d turn around in a flash and put both arms in the air and yell “I DID IT!!!!!!” I *so* wish I’d brought a camera with me. 🙂

Meanwhile, I bowled a 156, which amazed me since it’s been 5-10 years since I’ve bowled, and I was never very good to begin with. But in a moment of true “Dad Studness”, as I entered the 10th frame, I went back and whispered in Sean’s ear — “Watch this — three strikes in a row.” And then I went out and did it! Not quite the same as Babe Ruth’s called home run, but as close as I’ll ever get…..

And here we are, 6 hours later, and my right arm is SORE.

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