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  • Scan this!

    Is there a worse invention in recent years than the self-scanning checkout line at grocery stores? I don’t think so. They don’t speed things up. They aren’t convenient. They expect you to be every bit as skilled as the trained checkout person — and not just when scanning the item originally, but also in fixing …

    August 8, 2004
  • The Internet ain’t so scary!

    Here’s a nice change of pace…. Despite what you see and read about online scams, the FTC says the Internet is not the biggest source of fraud. What is? Print advertising! According to the FTC survey, 33% of scams came from ads in newspapers, magazines, direct mail, etc. The next biggest source is telemarketing at …

    August 6, 2004
  • Mini-me … Mini-she

    When you have kids, and while the kids are young, you spend a lot of time wondering what they’ll be like as they get older. And you spend a lot of time hoping that they share what you consider to be your own best traits. For me, this was especially true with Sean. My first …

    July 8, 2004
  • Agreeing with Alfonse

    Just want to say that I agree with Alfonse D’Amato. Time to say goodbye to Cheney. Bush needed his experience on the ticket in 2000. He doesn’t need it now.

    July 7, 2004
  • Fireworks…

    “Sometimes … they’re up in the sky … it’s like stars.” — T, having been woken up by the loud noise of 4th of July fireworks tonight, and seeing them outside her window for the first time in her young life

    July 4, 2004