To clarify: I didn’t “leave SEO” (or the search industry)

July 25, 2017

In the past 10 days since news came out of my career changes, I’ve received a number of very kind messages from colleagues in the search industry congratulating me and wishing me best of luck in the future. I’ve appreciated every one of those messages and I’m grateful to know such thoughtful people — thank you all!

Some of the messages, though, have also expressed sadness that I’m “getting out of SEO” or “leaving the search industry” or some such thing.

Thing is … that’s not the case.

Let me set the record straight:

1) I left Third Door Media. That’s all. I’m not necessarily leaving the search industry or getting out of SEO.

2) Re-starting my old SEO consulting practice is very high on my list of career options at the moment.

3) I’m also very open to opportunities with marketing agencies and/or corporate in-house teams.

4) I’d be happy to consider new journalism opportunities at other media outlets, too.

To be clear, if a great opportunity outside the search industry comes along, I’ll certainly give it my utmost consideration. But I haven’t left SEO or the search industry. You guys aren’t getting rid of me that easily. šŸ˜‰

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