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Corner life

January 8, 2005

I’ve lived on a corner my whole life.

I grew up on a corner — on the corner of Forsythia Drive South and Flagstone Place, to be exact. I liked living on a corner. The yard was a pretty good size. We only had two houses adjacent to ours — one behind us and one to the right. And I didn’t mind the extra traffic. In fact, Flagstone was a little cul-de-sac, so it didn’t bring much traffic at all. I lived in that house my entire childhood.

Today, living in the first house Cari and I have bought, we’re also on a corner. I don’t like living on a corner. The yard is a pretty good size — that means more grass to cut in the summer. We only have two houses adjacent to ours — that means the sidewalk that extends from the SW corner of our lot all the way around to the NE corner is ALL ours. And it’s the law that homeowners have to shovel their own sidewalks when it snows. We got 3-4 inches overnight last night. I end up shoveling about 2x as much snow as the neighbors. I can’t stand shoveling snow.

I think our next house will be in the middle of a street somewhere.

Somewhere that it doesn’t snow.

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