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Dear Mixx, Can We Move On Now?

October 12, 2008

With digg on a mission to eliminate many top users, Mixx is seeing some serious gains in traffic and registered users. Generally speaking, that’s a Good Thing. As a fairly early adopter on Mixx, I’m glad to see new faces and new energy on the site. It feels like there’s some momentum when you spend time on Mixx these days.

But it also seems like the only thing people want to talk about these days on mixx is … digg. Here’s what the Popular page looked like a few minutes ago:

Mixx: All digg, all the time

I think Tamar said it well last week:

There’s too much f—ing Digg commentary everywhere on Mixx. As community members (obviously not as Mixx representatives), your marketing message is too much “stop using Digg and go to Mixx instead.” … [There’s] nothing that actually talks about Mixx’s strengths (besides community and besides the fact that it is not Digg — which you can tell is not a strong enough reason by itself to be a self-sustaining community).

I’ve made no secret that I love Mixx. But enough with the digg talk. Can we all move on now and figure out what we are and stop talking about what we’re not? Thx.

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