Deja vu…

February 15, 2005

Today I discovered an absolutely fascinating article about Princeton’s “Global Consciousness Project”, and how a little, black box supposedly sensed the 9/11 and Asian tsunami tragedies before they happened.

Yes, it sounds “far out”, and it is. Only a passing mention is given to the other side of the story — the “skeptics” as they say in this story.

But this line toward the end got me thinking:

“They might help provide a solid scientific grounding for such strange phenomena as ‘deja vu’, intuition and a host of other curiosities that we have all experienced from time to time.”

Deja vu. Yeah. I get that. Not a lot, but once or twice a month probably, which I assume is about normal. Deja vu. The feeling that you’ve already experienced something. Sometimes my deja vu is SO VIVID that I know I experienced it already.

Deja vu.

And I can’t help but think: How do we, as a society, explain the concept of deja vu? How is it possible? Why do I not hear more about studies into the concept of deja vu? When we experience deja vu … what’s happening inside the brain?

Not sure about the black box, but I’m fascinated by deja vu at this moment….

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