Hey Disqus, 627 Comments in 1 Day is Probably Spam

July 8, 2013

Here’s one of the commenters that I banned today while moderating the comments on Search Engine Land and Marketing Land:


If someone’s writing 627 comments in a single day — their first day! — that’s probably a spammer. It’s not 627 comments on SEL and ML, but across this person’s Disqus account.

This has been a problem for some time now with Disqus. Some idiots think they can just bludgeon blogs left and right with tons of comments … and they can.

I wrote a similar post here a little more than a year and suggested that Disqus simply put a limit on how many comments new users can post.

Disqus staff read the post and joined the conversation in the comments, but that suggestion seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

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  • Reply Carmen Rane Hudson July 10, 2013 at 10:17 am

    Holy crap! If the number of comments in a single day didn’t say something the number of flags surely should have. Nearly 400!

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