Tri-Cities, WA

Entrepreneurial Idea #718: Make Crime Pay

December 26, 2008

In tough times like this, it seems some of our fellow Tri-Citians have found a novel way of making a few extra bucks: by turning in criminals.

So far this year, Crime Stoppers has paid out $3,800 in rewards to 20 people, with $1,400 given just in October and November, said Mike Blatman, the law enforcement coordinator for Crime Stoppers.

“It kind of fluctuates, but it is up,” Blatman said. “It’s largely because of the economy and the holidays.” …

This year, reward money paid is about $1,200 above the average of $2,667 a year, Blatman said.

Depending on your outlook, that’s either really creative or really desperate. Or maybe a little bit of both. 🙂

Full story at the Herald web site.

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