Everything else is gravy…

October 18, 2005

(This actually goes back a week or two, but dinner tonight reminded me…..)

It was a week or two ago that I was picking up the kids from school and daycare, and as I always do, I asked them how their days were, what they did, who they played with, etc. And with T, I always ask what she had for lunch at daycare. On this particular day, she was excited to let me know about something new that she loved.

“I had mashed potatoes!”

“Did you like them?”

“Yes, I did!”

“Did you have anything else?”

“Chocolate and green beans!”

Yep, she thought the brown gravy on her mashed potatoes was chocolate. And we’ve had potatoes and gravy, err … chocolate two times since then. No need to tell her the real name of it just yet.

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