First Class: The Only Way to Fly

July 2, 2010

I was in Cleveland most of this week for a combo trip that had some work and some fun. But one of the most fun parts of the trip was flying there.

Delta Airlines cancelled one of my flights at the last-minute. I was supposed to go from Pasco to Minneapolis to Cleveland and be there by 4:00 pm. But Delta re-routed me: Pasco to Salt Lake City, then Salt Lake City to Atlanta. Then Atlanta to Cleveland. That added about five hours to my schedule, and after some weather delays, it ended up being a six-hours-longer day of flying than my original plans.

On the bright side, Delta upgraded me to first class for the long trip between SLC and Atlanta. I haven’t flown first class in about 20 years and, let me tell you … what a joy that flight was. The flight attendants are always bringing you drinks, snacks, wet towels, anything you need. The seats were, like, super-comfortable and plenty roomy. I had an electrical outlet at my chair, so I could use my computer without draining the battery. Oh, and I got a very yummy hot meal.


That’s a chicken breast sandwich (with cheese) on a fresh, ciabatta bun. The Sprite is in a real glass, not a plastic cup. Inside the napkin is real silverware. The fruit was fresh. It was really good.

I ordered the $12.95 in-flight wi-fi and was able to do email, surf the web, etc. I emailed my wife and told her I could never fly coach class again.

And then when I got to Atlanta, I flew coach up to Cleveland. And then home to Pasco yesterday. Sigh. At least I got a taste of first class. May not get another bite for a while.

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