Flickr Pix in the Wild

May 19, 2009

Been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, but the last week has brought several requests for photo usage and that reminded me to share some places where my Flickr photos have been used. I’ll start with a pic of our dog, Sparky, which is currently appearing on the home page of the Woof Report:


That won’t stay on the home page for long, but it’s also being used on this newsletter page. Go Sparky!

Here are others I’ve found:

  • Beyond Phototips used my shot of footprints in the snow. It’s way down near the end of the article. On a related note, this same photo of mine will apparently be used in an Australian documentary that’s now in production. That was one of the email requests that came in this week.
  • My uber-popular baseball photo appeared on ivorytowerz late last month.
  • It also appeared on Bargain Briana.
  • A photo I took of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was used on Wide Open Wallet way back in March.
  • And my “The End” photo appeared on Through the Illusion.

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