Four Years and $800 Later…

April 3, 2009

For the past four years, I’ve been telling myself that this is the summer I’ll get around to cleaning up the corner of our property. The trees and bushes (and weeds) have grown out of control, and it was nothing short of ugly. Worse, it was the first thing people would see of our property if they were coming our way from the south or west.

And for four years it never got done. Whether it was writing a book for two summers, or going through major career turmoil (last summer), I never got around to it. And it just got worse and worse.

About five weeks ago, we went to the Pasco Home & Garden Show, and I used that as my opportunity to scout out some local landscapers. I put my name on a contact list for A-1 Landscaping and picked up a coupon for their services. They came out and gave me a quote, and today was the big day:

Landscaping #1

Here’s a side view, and another side view.

Possibly the best $800 I’ve ever spent. We love it. Should’ve done it four years ago!

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