Google Home vs. Amazon Echo #3: Where is Marfa, Texas?

November 28, 2017

Ever heard of Marfa, Texas? No? Me, neither. But that town was mentioned a while back on some TV show, and I was immediately curious to know where it was. I assumed Google Home would do better at answering a geographical question, but wasn’t at all pleased with the response I got. It told me how far the city was from me … but didn’t tell where in Texas it is.

Reluctantly, I gave my Amazon Echo a try and … bam! I was very pleasantly surprised that Alexa actually told me where in the state I’d find Marfa.

Since making this video, I’ve asked the same question on my Amazon Show — got the same text/voice answer, but no map appeared on the screen. That would be a great addition – a pin on a map showing me the city I just asked about.

Anyway … next time you hear talk about how dumb Echo is and smart Google Home is, remember that there are plenty of exceptions.

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