Google’s Airfare iPhone App Suggests a 2-Day Layover

August 8, 2011

For my money, the best airfare app on the iPhone is Google’s “On The Fly” — the latest update has all kinds of great search features and beats Kayak hands down when it comes to finding airfares.

I’ve been using it a lot lately because the McGees are thinking about a return trip to Hawaii sometime in the next year. So I like to keep an eye on current fares from Pasco to Maui, or maybe Seattle/Portland to Maui.

That’s what I was doing when On The Fly found me a $588 fare from Pasco to Maui on Alaska Airlines. But ignore the price … check out the length of this flight and the layover!


Really, Google? Really???

It’s suggesting a 53-hour trip, 46 hours of which would be spent on a “layover” in Seattle. WTF!!!????

I do a lot of looking at airfares and never have I seen any system suggest a 2-day layover. Still shaking my head over this one. And no, if we go to Hawaii again, we won’t be booking that flight.

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