Google’s Getaway Car

December 17, 2010

Google has a large campus down in Mountain View. Large. The main campus is big enough on its own, but they’ve also spread out to several other buildings in the surrounding area.

To make travel easier for employees going from one building to the next, they also have little multi-colored bikes that you can just grab and ride and leave behind when you’re done. Well, by “you” I mean — if you’re an employee.

I was down there earlier this week for some meetings at the Geo/Maps building, which is off the main campus about a half-mile away. Then I had to get back to the main campus for more meetings. Hoped I could maybe use this as my getaway vehicle…

Google Street View Car

… but no such luck.

Still, it was pretty helpful finding the right building. Hard to miss all that on the front lawn of an office building!

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