Grand Theft Surprise

October 9, 2004

Sean’s only knowledge of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, at the age of 6, is that it’s a Playstation game Dad only plays after the kids are in bed.

This morning, as we were all in the kitchen area, I was mentioning that I was up way too late last night, but it was okay because I had finally completed a tough mission in Vice City. Cari jumped on that, sarcastically congratulating me for doing well at a game she dislikes, and asking me how many people I killed in completing the mission. I said “none” (which I later realized was incorrect), but my answer wasn’t quick, nor was it convincing.

So Sean asks, “Do you have to kill people in Vice City?” I told him that it’s a very violent game, and sometimes you do have to kill people as part of the game. (Mind you, he’s watched me kill people while playing SOCOM 2, though he understands that’s in the name of fighting the bad guys.)

So Sean hears me say this, takes it in for a moment, and with a fair share of disbelief says something like “So you’re playing a very violent game … and you’re such a nice guy!”

We ALL had a hearty laugh.


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