The Greatest Football Comeback Ever?

December 10, 2013


There were 90 seconds left in the game and Chiawana, one of our local high schools, was losing 26-13 in the Class 4A (the biggest schools) state championship game.

Not only were they losing by two touchdowns, but Camas had the ball. Since the game was over, I turned off the television and went into my office to catch up on email, work on some @U2 stuff, etc.

A couple hours later, I checked out what was happening on Facebook and saw a couple messages from local friends saying “Congratulations Chiawana” and “Amazing season” and stuff like that. I still wasn’t sure if they’d somehow won the game, so I went to Twitter and saw the tweets.

Chiawana had won the game 27-26 after being down 26-13 with 90 seconds left and the other team having the ball.

The full game is online, but just start at about the 2:54:00 mark to see what happens. That’s where Camas has the ball on a 4th and 3 play….

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