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Ha! Ha! Google Fools the Masses

April 2, 2008

While some social media sites appeal to a very small audience and have limited pickup, Yahoo! Answers is interesting because it appeals to the masses. It’s the No. 2 overall reference site on the Web and I speak from experience when I say that all kinds of people use the service: young, old, male, female, smart, not-so-smart, and so forth. It really is, for better or worse, a good representation of the population as a whole.

The masses, it must be said, were fooled by some of the April Fool’s Day jokes that Google unleashed on Tuesday. Here’s a sample of some of the questions in the past 24 hours in the Google sub-category on Yahoo! Answers. Enjoy!

Google joke 1

Google joke 2

Google joke 3

Google joke 4

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