Happy 21st birthday, Sean McGee

December 16, 2018

My world changed for the better 21 years ago today. My son, Sean, was born and I got to meet the first blood relative I’d ever known. I will never forget the moment my sisters-in-law brought him out to me and I held him in my arms. (That’s the first picture below.)

The Italian singer Andrea Bocelli has a song called “L’Incontro” that begins with Bono reciting a poem, and I will always think of that moment when I hear the words:

While like a giant, proud and happy,
I take my baby in my arms.
Fragile, innocent, and alive.
And like a little bird,
he’s pushing against my chest,
abandoned, quiet, and safe.

For an instant, almost sweetly,
my destiny appears to me like a dream
and I see myself, old and surrendered,
seated there near the coal fire,
waiting for the evening
with the anxiety of a child
just to see him coming back home
with the gift of his smile,
of his words and kindness.

It’s like a promise
that can solve the enormous joy
of one of his caresses.
Then I wake up and I’ve already forgotten,
but inside of me
the kid’s trapped soul advises me
that this newborn child
is already more important to me
than that of my of my own life.

Happy 21st birthday, Sean McGee! I love you and am glad you’re my son!!!

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