It’s Hard to Take a Selfie with a Dog

May 19, 2014

I had no idea it would be so tough to take a selfie with Sparky. He’s usually pretty relaxed when I’m taking his picture, or any picture, but not the case this weekend. It took me five tries to get a good one.

First, he started reaching up to lick my face.



When he wasn’t trying to lick me, he wouldn’t stay still, so the selfie was all blurry. At least he was blurry. (I know how to be still.)


Finally got him to be still, but he wouldn’t look at the camera. So this one’s not much of a selfie.


When he kept looking off to the side, I decided to match his pose — but in the opposite direction. And so, finally, on the fifth try, we ended up with an acceptable selfie!


And how did you spend your Saturday evening?

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