Hardback Version of U2-A Diary?

February 25, 2012

If I had more information, I’d be posting this over on as an official update. But for now, I’ll share it here.

My friend Xavi in Spain recently ordered the English-language 2nd edition of U2-A Diary via a Spanish website. And somewhat amazingly, he got a hardback version of the book! It looks fantastic.



No one at the publisher said anything about doing a hardback version of the book. That’s also not the cover I was expecting — they told me the rays of light wouldn’t be there, and the tagline “complete day to day history” is also unexpected.

So, this is a pretty big shock. I need to look into whether this is something only available in Spain, or if it’s more widely available. Either way, I want one!

The only other hardback version I’ve seen was for the first edition back in 2008-09, when the publisher who bought the Japanese translation rights decided to publish a hardback version. I have a copy of that one, so now I need to complete my set.

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