Homegrown Tomatoes FTW

August 19, 2011

It sure as heck took long enough, but was it ever worth it. We planted tomatoes way back on May 29th, and last night I was finally able to slice into the first one that we picked.

How delicious does this look???


It tasted every bit as good as it looks, too — the perfect topping for a big, juicy hamburger.

And I don’t think I ever mentioned my garden growing gizmo that I “installed” a couple weekends ago, did I?

See, tomato plants grow way out of control — tall and wide. And one of our tomato plants started growing out so far that it was going over the little gate/barrier and out above the main yard. That’s where Sparky could reach it, and where it would get in the way as Sean cuts the lawn, etc.

I wanted to make sure the plants grew taller than they grew wide. So I built this little contraption:


I put a 10-foot-long 2×4 across the top of the garden space and hammered it into the fencetop on both sides. Then I drilled a little hole in the bottom of the 2×4 so that a small hook could fit in there. Down on the tomato plant, I put a cable tie around the “offending” branch. Then I connected the cable tie and the hook with some string, making it short enough to lift the branch up so it would grow up and not out.

I’m not much of a green thumb or a handyman, so this was quite a project and accomplishment for me.

Thanks in advance for your recognition of my gardening awesomeness. Come visit in a month or so and I’ll say “thanks” by giving you a delicious tomato.

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