How to Be the Best Hotel in Town

March 9, 2010

Two things that the typical hotel can and should do to be better than everyone else:

1. Provide real towels. I don’t understand why every hotel around offers those small, barely-fits-around-your-waist towels that no one loves. It would be so easy to offer regular-sized towels.

2. Provide real toilet paper. I also don’t get why hotels all feel that they have to offer that industrial strength stuff that’s barely softer than sandpaper. Bust out some Charmin and separate yourself from the competition.

Why don’t hotels do this stuff? Is there some industry rule that towels need to be small and toilet paper has to be rough?

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  • Reply Zak Nicola March 11, 2010 at 11:45 am

    You can wash more small towels in one load than you can full size towels, not to mention they don’t cost as much. Not to mention its a great way to keep people from taking the towels home. TP is among one of the top purchases for hotels, most will stock a room with a new roll after check out. Have you ever checked into a room with a half used roll? Thats a lot of wasted TP/money. The one ply stuff is cheap, and as a bonus, less likely to cause an issue that would need a plumber to visit the room.

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