Hypocrites everywhere

January 22, 2017

That’s very representative of the kind of things I’ve seen for the past 24 hours all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds. You probably heard the news that President Trump’s press secretary claimed that Friday’s inauguration was the most-attended ever, or something like that. It’s a total lie, and there’s plenty of visual evidence that it’s a lie.

The left is OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!!!!

The right, as best I can tell, is silent.

All of them are hypocrites.

To my liberal friends, explain to me why you’re so outraged that a government official lied to you this weekend about inauguration attendance, but when Hillary lied repeatedly about using a private server to send classified information, you were all, “It’s just email! I’m with her!” Why are you so outraged now, but you weren’t outraged when Hillary and Obama lied about Benghazi, saying that a terrorist attack was just a protest over a YouTube video?

To my Republican friends, the opposite applies: Explain to me why you were so outraged by Hillary’s and Obama’s lies, but now you’re hush-hush about the complete fabrications that the Trump administration is already telling?

(I’ll stop there; surely we could all think of innumerable examples of both parties lying to the American public.)

We should all be outraged when our government lies to us. But it’s hypocritical to be outraged only when the other party is doing the lying. If you’re okay with your party lying, then you’re okay with lying. We’ll never get past our partisan problems if we refuse to hold our own party to the same standards we hold the opposition.

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