I Can Identify With This

April 20, 2010

Interesting article on CNN tonight:

Angry at government, voters may revolt in November, survey shows

I’m not sure on the word “angry,” because that has all kinds of connotations, but I’m certainly somewhere between frustrated and angry. And definitely planning to vote, although I’m not at all optimistic that either major party is going to put forth candidates that I really want to get behind.

The leads sort of says it all:

The party in power often suffers in midterm elections, but a recent survey suggests that “epic” discontent has created an angry and energized electorate.

And while things might look bleak for Democrats who control Congress, some Republicans tied to the establishment might also suffer the consequences.

I certainly hope the bad politicians on both sides feel the consequences. We really need a legitimate third party, or at least better candidates no matter what party they’re in.

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