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I Was on FSN Northwest Tonight

June 2, 2010

Well, come to think of it, it wasn’t technically me on FSN Northwest … it was my Twitter pictures. And my Twitter username. That’s kinda like being on FSN, isn’t it?

What happened was that Ken Griffey Jr. retired today, and during the Mariners pre-game show, Sean and I grabbed our Griffey bobbleheads and placed them in front of the TV as if they were watching FSN’s Griffey tribute. I took a photo and posted it on Twitter:

Picture 1

And here’s the photo from that tweet:


Whomever handles the FSN Northwest account on Twitter saw that pic and retweeted me with an “AWESOME” in all caps. Then, like 45 minutes later while we’re watching the game, all of a sudden … holy crap, FSN is showing that photo in the middle of the game broadcast!


So, I did what anyone would do: I took a photo of my photo being shown on FSN Northwest, and also put that on Twitter:


And here’s the photo attached to that:


FSN saw that tweet/photo, too, and sent me a message saying they were planning to show both photos during the post-game show. And sure enough, they did!

last photo

They actually showed both photos in order, and Brad Adam & Bill Krueger talked about them and all. It was kinda funny. As I’ve said before, I love Twitter.

Next time I wonder why I’m taking silly photos and putting them on Twitter, I’ll remember this episode. You just never know what might happen….

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