innoutWho else would you expect to win in Zagat’s annual fast food survey? Of course, none other than In-N-Out Burger, the best fast food burger on the planet!

In-N-Out earned “Best Food” and “Best Service” among Large Chains (up to 5,000 locations), and also won Best Burger overall. Yes, indeed.

My last In-N-Out Burger meal happened on April 21, and my next one will probably be in October … unless I go to SES San Jose in August. But I doubt that’ll happen, so it’ll have to be October. And yes, it’s completely normal to track In-N-Out visitation like this. Shush now.

Here’s the full survey.

2 thoughts on “In-N-Out FTW!

  1. I know your love for the In’n’Out… but please tell me you have tried Five Guys. They are expanding and have even been spotted in Portland OR of all places.

  2. Never had Five Guys, but you’ve mentioned them enough that I’ll gladly try if I ever get the chance.

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