It’s crowded in that bed

October 23, 2004

A psychologist would probably have a good and interesting theory about this, and be able to use this to give us some insight into T’s psyche or personality, or maybe even about the kind of person she’s going to become later in life. But I can’t do any of that. All I can come up with to analyze this is that it’s crowded in that girl’s bed.

Here’s the deal: every night at bedtime we go through this very structured routine where T takes a variety of toys and other things and brings them into bed with her, placing each one individually where she wants it around her pillow. By the time she’s finished, the bed is so crowded that she couldn’t move left or right if she wanted to. We have no need to worry about her falling off the bed.

Here’s what she has in bed with her tonight:

1 – “Baby doll” – her plastic toy baby doll

1 – “White bear” – a stuffed bear, which is actually pink, white, and blue

1 – “Ginger bear” – another stuffed bear, which is more white than White bear

1 – “Daddle-dale” – a stuffed pterodactyl

1 – Care-bear – stuffed animal (the pink one)

1 – stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh

2 – stuffed puppy dogs

1 – plastic Pillsbury Doughboy toy

1 – “boo” – her thin, white security blanket

1 – Kipper’s Christmas book – the book we read tonight before bed

And of course, her regular pillow and blankets. Like I said, it’s crowded in there. What it means? I have no clue.

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