Last Week’s Blog Recap

January 11, 2009

Crazy week where blogging was concerned: Warm weather arrived and melted all the snow and ice that blanketed the state in December. Flood warnings started coming out Wednesday/Thursday, and we kinda went nuts on the West Richland real estate blog with updates, photos on Flickr, and videos on YouTube. Still have some more posts to write about tonight, since the water hasn’t receded yet. Guess I’ll start with that blog for this week’s recap; I’ll just link to mine, but Cari wrote a few posts, as well, about the flooding.

West Richland Real Estate Blog

Richland Real Estate Blog

Kennewick Real Estate Blog

Pasco Real Estate Blog

@U2 Blog

Hyperlocal Blogger

Small Business Search Marketing

That’s a lot of blogging, isn’t it? Yikes. Better get some actual work done this week.

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