Let’s get Peter Schiff into politics

February 22, 2009

Peter Schiff: How He Would Fix America

I don’t know how anyone can disagree with all that.

And the ones who agree have started a grassroots campaign asking him to run for U.S. Senate. It’s at www.schiff2010.com.

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  • Reply Juice from HGP February 22, 2009 at 11:00 am

    In the interest of the Fairness Doctrine, here’s a rebuttal:

    1) Schiff is deranged. Why doesn’t he speak truth to power and reveal the obvious ties between Bush, Hitler, Stalin and Carrot Top?

    2) Why should Americans save money when stealing from rich people is so much easier?

    3) If Schiff is elected, will “House” still be on the same day and time?

    4) Schiff seems to want to limit govt. power. Doesn’t he understand that bureaucrats at HUD and the DMV are what made this country great?

    5) Schiff’s face does not look good on a $45 T-shirt.

    Free Health Care/Tyranny ’10!

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