Long Time, No Flickr Photos In Use

January 16, 2009

Actually, that headline isn’t true. I’ve just been too busy to get around to posting. But it’s always cool to see my Flickr pix being used online, and here’s where I’ve found them:

photo on Consumerist

That’s a shot of Sean and his buddy, Alex, on The Consumerist last week. He was pretty happy to see himself online like this — but it wasn’t the first time. Another site used that same photo a few months back!

Here’s more:

  • CNBC used my favorite Portland skyline photo in a slideshow about popular relocation cities.
  • Ecoble used that same photo last month, and back in November they used a Yoke’s temperature sign photo in a story about global warming.
  • UTNE Reader used a photo of me and my daughter in an article about the ACLU. (yuck)
  • Finally, Book Club Classics used one of my autumn leaves photos back in mid-November. That’s how long it’s been since I did one of these posts.

Meanwhile, aside from the recent floods, I haven’t had time to put many photos on Flickr lately. Don’t know when that’ll change…..

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