Look at these tomatoes!

November 13, 2010


One last update on our summer-long tomato planting adventure: They’re delicious! It’s been, oh, maybe 2-3 months since we’ve had to buy tomatoes at the store and, as you can see, we have way more than we need at the moment. It’s actually been like this non-stop for the last six weeks or so. The saving grace with all these tomatoes is that most of them are pretty small. Some of them are barely enough for one tomato sandwich.

These are all from the in-ground plants we put in the front yard; the Topsy Turvy planter in the back only produced two tomatoes all summer. Sheesh.

And now, I have all kinds of big ideas for next year: a dedicated spot in the back corner of the back yard, raised up about 6-12 inches off the ground and with a barrier of some sort to keep the dog out of it. I’ll probably run a 2×4 diagonally above it and attach some string/rope to that as a guide to help the plants grow tall — not like the ones in the front this year that grew in all kinds of crazy directions.

Look at me … it’s like I’m a regular farmer now. As if!

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