Meet Blaze (Also, I’m Exhausted!)

May 15, 2021

I guess I’d forgotten how much energy young dogs have. Because we’ve had a new and young dog for about 9-10 hours and I AM EXHAUSTED. šŸ˜†

This beautiful girl is Blaze! We debated as a family for the past week about what to name her, and no one really came up with a name that everyone loved. A night or two ago, I thought … we had Sparky. What comes after a spark? A fire! And we liked Blaze best, so that’s what we’re calling her now. (We consider her name a work-in-progress and if something better comes to mind before she fully understands “Blaze,” we may change it.)

Blaze is a rescue pup that we picked up today in Yakima. They think she’s about a year old, and I believe it. She wanted to play all day long today! I couldn’t believe how much energy she had, and in pretty hot weather, too. We all took turns playing with her, and she never seemed to get tired.

She’s a German Shepherd mix, but mixed with what we have no idea. Her body is a bit leaner than most German Shepherds I’ve seen. We’ll probably do one of those dog DNA tests on her to see what we can find out.

We all love her, but I have to confess that it’s weird to have a non-Sparky dog around the house. I’d do just about anything to have him back again, and part of me wonders if I’ll ever love another dog/pet as much as I loved him. Another part of me thinks Blaze is up for that challenge!

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