Meet Our New Carbon Copy

October 15, 2010


Can you tell which one is Sparky? If you need a refresher on what Sparky looks like, try here, here, or here.

We got a new dog today! He’s a carbon copy of Sparky in a lot of ways: male, black lab mix, between two and three years old. I was at the pet store last week buying food for Sparky, and one of the local shelters had placed one-sheet flyers on the carts. I thought I saw Sparky’s picture on one of the carts! Looked a little closer, and the sheet said his name was Rocko (yes, both dogs have somewhat U2-related names). So I went online and found him on Petfinder.com, listed as still available.

Unfortunately, after contacting the shelter, they said Rocko had just been adopted by another family.

Then, a couple days later they contacted us again to say that Rocko and his new family were struggling a bit, and the family wanted us to have him if we were still interested. So, we went off to pick him up today and brought him home to Sparky.

It was a little dicey at first; Sparky was very interested in defending his turf and didn’t like it at all when Rocko got near his outside house/bed, his water, etc. They played and barked and chased each other all over the yard for a couple hours, smelled each other’s butts, ate dinner, and now they’re inside and seem to be getting along just fine. Both exhausted. In fact, as I look over now, they’re both sound asleep. And full of cute.

Oh. That’s Rocko on the left looking at me as I took the photo. Rocko is about 10-20 pounds heavier than Sparky. He also has white spots on all four paws. And he’s definitely all black lab, whereas Sparky is kinda black/brown. So we’re already finding it kinda easy to tell them apart.

And as long as they get along well over the weekend, we’ll be telling them apart for a long time to come.

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