My Google Glass Bathroom Policy

May 18, 2013

matt-glass-200pxI’ve had Google Glass for about two weeks now, and the more I use it, the more I like it. (It helps that Google has already updated the software it runs once, and there are new Glass apps from Twitter, Facebook and others that I can use.)

One of the big discussions about Glass is privacy, and for some reason that discussion has often focused on Glass and public restrooms.

Even though I have no desire to take photos in a bathroom, I’ve decided on this policy for when I’m wearing Glass at public events:

Glass stays on, but I raise it off my face so it sits on top of my head.

That’s what I did all last week at Google I/O, what I’ve done at various airports and what I’ve done in other public bathroom settings.

Welcome to 2013 … where technology has advanced to the point that the phrase “Google Glass bathroom policy” needs to be a thing. (Maybe I’ll add this policy to my disclosures page.)

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