My Two New SEO T-Shirts

September 9, 2011

I’ve mentioned before that I’m kind of a t-shirt collector, and so I have to share the two new ones that just arrived.

I think I might have to wear one or both of these during SMX East. I posted this first one on Twitter and Google Plus, and so far it’s a unanimous “Yes” vote to wear it at the conference.


But I also have this other SEO t-shirt that I like. Might have to find a way to work this one in the carry-on, too.


If this was SMX West or Advanced coming up, I’d totally bring both of them — and I’d wear them both while moderating sessions! But for some reason, SMX East is a little more … formal, shall we say? … in my mind, so not sure how to make this work. We’ll see…..

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