My Year of Concerts™: Adele

March 19, 2023

My Year of Concerts™ continued Friday night when Cari and I went to see Adele in Las Vegas! This was my second Adele show and Cari’s first. We laughed, we cried, we had an incredible weekend.

If you’ve never seen her live, Adele’s shows are 80% amazing music and 20% comedy. She is unabashedly herself on stage, telling stories that somehow make you feel like you’re listening to the girl next door even though her stories involve people like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Usher, Pink, etc. But it’s so relatable when she talks about wanting to make a quick appearance at the Jay-Z party, say hello to everyone, then head home and get in pajamas because she’s almost 35 now. 😂

She walked through the crowd, she took selfies with fans while she sang, she did a “lottery” on stage that let two fans come down from the worst seats to the 5th row, she used a t-shirt gun to fire autographed t-shirts up to the highest balcony.

The first 4-5 songs are just Adele and her pianist, Eric — OMG the purity of her voice. 😍 Then the full band and stage production kick in. She did just about all the songs you’d want to hear. I’m pretty sure “When We Were Young” is the most beautiful song ever written. “Skyfall” and “Set Fire to the Rain” were epic. “Someone Like You” was off the charts. “One and Only” was perfect.

My Year of Concerts™ continues….

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