My Year of Concerts™: Billy Idol

August 30, 2023

#MyYearOfConcerts continued this past Monday night (August 28) when I saw Billy Idol … excuse me, “Billy F**king Idol” as he introduced himself 😄 … in Spokane!

Like several of this year’s shows, he’s another ’80s act that I never saw in the ’80s, for some reason.

Came home from Dallas last week with a bug and wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it, but I was feeling better by Monday so off I went!

This was an outdoor show at the Riverfront Pavilion, and it was hotter than Hades all day in Spokane — not a great combination. The sun was still up when Billy took the stage around 8:15 pm and it must’ve been 85-90 degrees. And probably much worse up on stage with all the lights.

Seemed like the heat was bothering him, too. He came out in layers of all black, but as the band was starting the third song (“Flesh for Fantasy” 🤟), he took off all his top layers and just put the jacket back on. Once the sun went down and the temp dropped 10-15 degrees, he seemed way more comfortable. As did I. 😅

ANYHOO…really fun show!

He did most of the hits you’d expect to hear, including a really interesting, half-acoustic version of “Eyes Without A Face.” “Dancing With Myself” was a perfect opener, and “White Wedding” was a perfect closer. He put out a couple EPs over the past 2-3 years that are good and worth checking out, and some of those songs were in the set, too.

It was kind of a short show, though — only about 90 minutes long. But all in all, fun night and I’m glad I made the trip to see him.

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