Collective Soul in concert

My Year of Concertsā„¢: Collective Soul

October 8, 2023

Gotta admire a rock singer who doesn’t wear black from head to toe. šŸ˜„

#MyYearOfConcerts continued last night in Spokane when I saw my third overall Collective Soul show!

I saw them about 15 years ago in BFE Idaho, then about 10 years ago at the county fair in Yakima — both were good but not great shows. Last night was 100x better. Ed was more talkative than usual and the whole band was more active. They only played for about 90 minutes, but that was okay because it meant I got home at a respectable hour. #OldManPriorities

I got to hear “The World I Know” live (again), which is one of my top 3-4 songs of all time. They did a little spoken tribute to some of the Georgia artists that influenced them — Little Richard, Otis Redding, James Brown, Allman Brothers, etc., and then did a cover of REM’s “The One I Love.”

Great show, glad I went.

Not done yet, #MyYearOfConcerts continuesā€¦.

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