My Year of Concerts™: Duran Duran

June 3, 2023

My Year of Concerts™ took me back to Portland again, this time to see Duran Duran on Thursday night…and even Cari joined me this time, since she’s loved DD since the beginning!

NGL, if you’d told me in the early ’80s that Duran Duran would be selling out big arenas 40 years later, I would’ve called you crazy. But there we were, the entire arena filled and standing up the whole show!

Duran Duran played pretty much everything you’d want to hear. (I was hoping for “New Religion” but it wasn’t meant to be.) They played a few new songs from their 2021 album and those were good, too. Simon sounded great and the whole band was really tight. Felt like the ’80s all over again and Cari and I had a blast!

So that’s six shows so far in 2023 (Eagles, Springsteen, Adele, Journey/Toto, REO Speedwagon, Duran Duran). I have five more still to come, plus 4-5 others I want to see but don’t have tickets for yet.

(I was also supposed to see The National on Friday night in PDX, but we decided to come home a day early. I don’t think my back/neck was up for two shows in two days, especially with The National being an outdoor, all-GA show with no seats. Plus, they’re leaving most of my favorite songs of theirs off the setlist this tour, so….)

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